About us

Iran Zak Company, with more than 50 years of experience in the production of all kinds of chewing gum, was stablished in 1972, taking advantage of the experience of producing “Kharos” and “Mino” gums in the country and with state-of-the-art equipment, in the industrial city of Alborz, located in Qazvin province. The name Iran Zak was derived from the combination of the name of our beloved country Iran and the surnames of the three investors who founded the company. The first product of Iran Zak was chewing gum under the brand name “Cloves”, which was marketed with the slogan of healthy teeth and toothache relief. After that, “Oina” brand (Oina means joy in Azeri language) was introduced and a wide range of different types of products under this brand was offered to domestic and foreign markets. Since 2003, the company has taken a big step in creating various products and has increased the production efficiency by taking advantage of the product engineering knowledge and using machines efficiently. The production of sugar-free gum and gum with reduced sugar since 2005 is considered a turning point in the development and progress of Iran Zak.
During 50 years of production activity, we have always tried to satisfy customers and adhere to maintaining the health of the society, and we believe that our sustainability, development and progress are due to the capable hands of experienced personnel in the Iran Zak family. Using state-of-the-art knowledge along with diligence and creativity is one of the original values of our organization, with the help of which we have overcome bottlenecks on the way to conquer the peaks of success. Local technical knowledge in the production of all kinds of chewing gum, high variety of manufactured products, well-equipped laboratories and cooperation with reliable suppliers for technical development are among our other competitive advantages.
At present, Iran Zak, as one of the three main producers of chewing gum in the country, offers a wide range of sugar and sugar-free chewing gums in the form of sticks, half sticks, dragees, lollipops, coins, balloons and sparks to the market. Also, supplying chewing gum for other companies is one of our other big steps in the direction of improving national production.